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Information the media and your stylist donít tell you in order to make money. Discover how to care for your own hair and relieve it from the damage caused by those feeding you lies!
7 Most Dangerous Lies about Your Hair Products

Interested in turning your dry, lifeless curls into bouncy defined curls?
In moments you can find out how Ė just like that!
Grow Beautiful curls without spending hundreds of dollarsÖ

For People Who Want Perfect Curls Ė Without Spending a Bundle!

Just point and click and you could be on your way to having perfect curls all by yourself without expensive salon visits. Find recipes, tips and advice that are absolutely brilliant!

The Curly Hair Guide book cover

Save yourself a lot of pain, bad hair days, money and time!
Get the real story here, right now. . .


Dear Curly Friend,

How much is a great head of hair to you? Imagine having curls that look healthy, grow longer faster and are easy to manage. It may sound difficult but it really isnít.

The mainstream media keeps feeding us lies that we need to spend a bundle on hair products just to make our hair look good. But really, the way we treat and care for our hair makes a HUGE difference in how our hair looks, regardless if we use that ďnewĒ hair product thatís getting rave reviews. You need to know the secret recipes used to treat your special hair type. And no stylist or product manufacturer is going to share this information with you because they want you to BUY MORE of their products and services! Spend, spend, spend! Well, thatís not really the answer!

But, I have good news! Today is your lucky day! Youíre about to discover the undisclosed information that they arenít telling you about!

Suppose you knew the secrets of your famous celebrity? Suppose you knew exactly how you should manage your hair, what ingredients worked best with your curls, the exact foods you should be eating for longer, silkier hair, the most popular tools and products that produce perfect results for your curls so that your bad hair days are a thing of your past. Afterall, no one product is the ďmagic formulaĒ! You need healthy hair first before any product is going to work wonders for you.

ImagineÖ one book now reveals the secrets that can make your life that much easier. You will be able to make your curls look soft and manageable and grow longer hair quicker.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, it isnít if you have the right tools and advice. You see, nothing is better than having those secrets available to you through the click of a button. It doesnít matter if you have dreadlocks, soft short curls, long wavy curls or thick tight curls, the Complete Guide to Growing Longer and Healthier Curly Hair shares the secrets to having magical curls that people will envy you for.

ďIf you want to know how to care for your curls without struggling trying to find the right methods and products to care for your hair, this book if filled with so many good tips. Iíve already started using some of the recipes and noticed my hair looks much healthier and feels softer too. Itís always been hit-and-miss up to this point for me. Thanks so much for creating a guide for girls with curls! This girl is truly grateful!Ē

~ Monika Richardson, USA


You're about to learn every strategy, success tip, and secret I've discovered over the past several years of experimenting with all types of hairstyles and research about my naturally curly hair.

I wrote this e-book as a step-by-step information resource to help you succeed in growing and caring for healthier curly hair.

ď... I must say that even though it is geared toward curly-haired types, I think that anyone can benefit from the information in this e-book. You've provided tips and solutions for just about every hair question or concern imaginable. I can't wait to try the natural shampoo recipes! At this very moment, I have a deep conditioner of olive oil and tea-tree oil in my hair. It seems to work during the really dry winters. But, there are a whole heap of other conditioners in your book that I canít wait to tryĒ.

~ Dionn, Canada

ďAfter reading your book Iíve learned so much! It tells me how to take care of my hair what to do and not to do, how to eatÖ there is so much information! You have really done your research very well. So far Iíve tried two of your tips and it works very good when I wash my hair. Thank you for providing such an informative book!Ē

~ Cassandra H.

If youíve always been struggling with your curls and wanted to know how to create healthier, longer and more manageable curly hair, you will discover the secrets in this easy to read e-book. Youíll be exposed to step-by-step styling secrets and recipes so that your hair will improve its strength but also learn how your hair can become more versatile by improving its state naturally!

Which of these tips could you use to improve your hair?

  • How to Maintain Your Hair's Mandatory Moisture Level Naturally and Safely
  • Find Out Why Your Hair Is Curly
  • Learn What Youíre Eating that†Could be Killing Your Hair. Find out what not to eat!
  • Determine Your Hairs PH Level and Restore Your Hair's†PH Moisture Level . This is a true saviour especially if your hair†is dry, brittle and lifeless.
  • All-Natural Make-your-own Recipe Treatments to Revive Your Hair and Add Moisture.
  • Do-It-Yourself Conditioner and Shampoo Recipes! Learn how to save money and pamper your hair the natural way.
  • Styling Mistakes You Need to Avoid
  • Learn How to Grow Long Healthy Curly Hair
  • Healthy Meal Plans for Healthy Hair
  • What Type of Food You NEED to Eat to Grow Longer, Healthier Hair. (Youíll even get meal plans using these ďhair growingĒ ingredients)!
  • Emergency Hair Saver: Exact Foods You MUST Eat Now to Save Your Hair
  • Healing Hair Care Tips
  • Learn what NEVER to Put on Your Scalp & How to Have a Healthy Problem-free Scalp
  • Find out the Cause, Treatment and Prevention of Dandruff
  • Secret Foods to Eat that REALY DO Grow Your Hair Longer Faster!
  • What Things Actually Kill Your Hair
  • Habits You are Doing Now that You Should Stop Doing Immediately or Your Hair Could Suffer In the Long Run.
  • What You Should Expect If You Want to Grow Dreadlocks
  • How to Remove Product Build-Up with Natural At-Home Ingredients
  • Learn Exactly What You Need to Do to Your Scalp to Grow Longer, Healthier Curls.
  • How To Find Out if Where You Live Could Be Killing Your Hair
  • How to Stop Hairline Breakage
  • Know Exactly What to Look for When Shopping for Shampoos
  • Ingredients to Stay Away From
  • Best Natural Shampoos, Gels, Styling Products and Natural Hair Coloring
  • Losing Hair Ė Find out Exactly What You Must Do NOW to Stop Your Hair Loss.
  • What material you should never put on your head or this will kill and suck the moisture from your hair. Big surprise. Many people have no idea which materials can wreck havoc on your hair!

Can you imagine finding out all of these things in an easy-to-read e-book that you can have access to within approx. two short minutes!

You wonít have to drive anywhere or research a slew of websites, books and articles just to find the information you are looking for. Itís all right here in this comprehensive book. Iíll share so much information with you.

PSSSTÖ. Iíll even reveal how you can find out the secret way to determine what ingredients are actually contained in the products you are buying - even if the label lacks the ingredients listed on their packaging! Many hair product manufacturers fail to list their ingredients on their shampoos, conditioners and styling products. You as a consumer have the right to know. Iíll reveal exactly how to get the detailed product list for any product and itís totally legal!

If you are looking for a resource on how to care for your hair and help you grow longer, healthier curls, the Complete Guide to Growing Longer and Healthier Curly Hair is the e-book for you.

The Curly Hair Guide book cover

You will instantly be able to get the above answers to your most pressing questions plus so much more. Get this book today to start getting your hair in tip-top-condition.

Take advantage of this offer today.

medical guarantee

written guarantee

Youíll learn step-by-step what to eat, how to style your hair to avoid hair loss and damage.

The sooner you start taking these steps, the sooner youíll see the results of longer, curlier, more moisturized curls. Your friends will wonder what your secret is.

Why should you wait a moment longer? Your answers are right here with the simple click of a button. You have nothing to lose because your purchase is guaranteed plus youíll receive these bonuses.



You'll receive the revised edition! This e-book will have new information added on a consistant basis. When new discoveries, new product information, research, tips and "must-know" information happen in the curly world, we'll be updating this book and sending you the newest version. You'll be the first to know!

Is there a fee for this you ask? Nope! It's completely compliments from me to you simply because loyal readers such as yourself deserve to have access to the best information. It's a pleasure providing you with this useful information because my own experience trying to find all of this useful information was a difficult task for me in my naturally curly journey. I know how hard it was for me so I want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Why wait one minute longer. Get all of this useful information now for only $19.97. It's a small price to pay for great hair. Get it now so that you can start growing longer, healthier curly hair!

To great hair!

Janice Johnsen

OR, take me up on this...

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Before you download the Curly Hair Guide, I have a one-time special offer for you - and you only.

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Dear Friend,

I want an extra few seconds of your time to tell you about a special offer I have for you today. Iím willing to give you a copy of my top online natural hair product guide called: Lose the Toxins: Your Guide to Less-Toxic Hair Care Products for a fraction of the cost.

Lose the Toxins: Guide to Less Toxic Hair Care Products is a comprehensive listing of the top healthier, more organic and less-toxic hair care products currently on the market. These are products that are better for you. Why spend your money on harmful hair products, when you can gain access to a list of hundreds of products that are healthier for you, without the heavy costs and potentially harmful side effects? You'll discover all of this in the Lose the Toxins Guide to Less Toxic Hair Care Products.

In this guide, some of the other things you'll learn are:

How to choose healthier hair products. Youíll discover those secret words you need to find on the label to know that what youíre getting really is the healthier choice.
Hundreds of products listed and divided by category (i.e., shampoos, conditioners, etc.) that have less-toxic ingredients.
Toxic ingredients that you should avoid.
Recipes to make your own hair care products with simple foods from your kitchen and easy to purchase products from your local health food store.
The safest hair coloring products available on the market. You'll discover where to get this top hair coloring product that does not contain harmful alcohol, peroxide,ammonia, or perfume. This is a rare find that is not advertised in hair salons or your local drug store. This permanent hair color choice produces natural results without the harmful ingredients. a ton more!

You can now gain access to information that is not easily accessible through any one source. Get Lose the Toxins in conjunction with the Curly Hair Guide right now at this special offer. You can't get this anywhere else!

Iím going to give you both e-books, Lose the Toxins: Your Guide to Less-Toxic Hair Care Products and the Curly Hair Guide: Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Longer, Healthier Curly Hair for not the $46.97 cost youíd usually pay for the original prices of both books together.
You donít even have to have curly hair to find this guide useful because a lot of the tips can help anyone with any hair type.

Lose the Toxins: Your Guide to Less-Toxic Hair Care Products normally sells $27 and $17 with my special offer! And itís an extensive resource guide! However, today Iím willing to offer it to you for only $5!.

The Curly Hair Guide is currently selling for $19.97 and weíve been getting rave reviews. Frankly, the amount of information in this guide should be sold for so much more. But we want to offer it to you Ė our loyal customer for a low price. So today, youíll be getting both the Curly Hair Guide: Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Longer, Healthier Curly Hair and the Lose the Toxins: Your Guide to Less-Toxic Hair Care Products for only $24.97!

Just imagine, both books together normally sell for much more but today, Iím willing to offer you both for only $24.97! Thatís an incredible savings! So, youíll only be paying an extra $5 for the Lose the Toxins e-book today!

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Plus, you get my bonus offer of the updated version of the new revised Curly Hair Guide when itís available, absolutely free!

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Take me up on this incredible offer today. Youíll be amazed at how much information Iíll be sharing with you. The Curly Hair Guide has an abundance of unbelievable information.

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